Exploring The Pearl

For some reason, whether it be purely random, or a subconscious desire to relive the summer months, the content that I am about to post, as well as previously posted, was all created during June and July of this year (2016). Perhaps there is no reason, outside of limited free time, for the rather sizeable gap in-between content development, and the display of said content. Whatever the case may be, it surely does not matter, as the content is still being posted for all to see, and hopefully enjoy.

In June, about a week or so before July, Sarah and I grabbed our gear and set off to the Pearl, in San Antonio. The Pearl, for those not familiar with the area, is a neighborhood/district that is full of unique restaurants, apartments, shops, and one stellar farmers market. It is quite popular, and normally very busy. The name, if you are savvy and have already put two and two together, comes from the Pearl beer brand, which used to call the revitalized portion of San Antonio home. The Pearl is still expanding, with new storefronts and eateries popping up all the time. It is a fun place to visit to have a drink, grab something to eat, or just explore. (Depending on the time of day that Sarah and I visit, we may do all three activities.)

Anyway, this particular visit had us parking the car a little after 0700, as to avoid the crowds and be able to capitalize on the coveted light provided by the morning golden hour. Interestingly enough, not even ten minutes into walking around, we were approached to take some images for a family whose photographer had bailed on them. (Long story short, Sarah and I accepted, took the family photos, and said family was beyond pleased with the results.) Fast-forward, and the golden hour had passed, but we still opted to do a little exploring. The images below are the result of our mid-morning trek through the Pearl.


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