New England Adventure – Part 1

I love Texas, do not get me wrong, but there is just something about New England during the fall months that makes it difficult for me to leave each time that Sarah and I have the ability to visit. Our trip this time, while a little on the shorter side, took us through Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, as well as Maine. The weather was much more seasonably appropriate, as was the color of the foliage, especially once compared to the unseasonably warm Texas weather and the drought induced colorless landscape that I have grown accustomed to. It felt great being able to throw on a light jacket and to just enjoy sitting outside, comfortably, and take in the clean air.

This trip, even though brief, had our schedule loaded with various day trips and random outings. I did try to document our adventure as best as I could, though to be honest, I was more concerned with relaxing and mentally checking out after the most difficult semester of school that I have ever encountered. Sarah and I did have the opportunity to explore Gillette Stadium, which is an absolutely amazing venue. At some point, we both would love to go back for a Patriots game. (I did not have my camera out at this point, as we stopped by after we left the airport. I may upload some of the images I took with my iPhone at a later point in time though.)

Our first day was very low-key, and we honestly just relaxed and spent time catching up with family. The real adventures started the next day, and that is where I will begin this particular blog series. The weather, although a little on the cool side, was absolutely beautiful and Sarah’s parents suggested a tour of the pond. So, we bundled up under some blankets and went exploring.

The lighting was perfect, the water was calm, and the color was simply amazing.

I do not believe that it would be at all possible for me to become sick of fall in New England.

Even though Sarah’s parents are originally from New England, they are pure Texan at heart.

If I could start off every morning with cool weather and amazing scenery, I do not think I would ever had a bad day.

Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as taking the time to view the images. I will have another post up later this week.

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