A Random Hike At Friedrich

I’ve created two blog posts in one day… Clearly that means I have been running way behind and want to share some content that I haven’t had the time to show. Between work (boo), school (it’s cool), and other shoots (boo yah), I have just an overwhelming amount of free time. Oops, that’s not right. I’ve had zero free time. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Although the fresh content hasn’t been flowing on to my site as quickly as I would like it too, I am still capturing a lot of new things to upload whenever the free time Gods allow. I am sitting on a ton of content at the moment, some that I can share right now, and will in this post, but some that I have to wait to be published in order to display. It’s a yay and boo moment at the same time.

Anyway, on to the details of this little adventure that Sarah and I had a few weeks ago hiking. The weather, although overcast was a much welcome factor on our hike, as it kept the heat from sucking out or will to keep going and also made the light super consistent for pictures. As I mentioned in the previous post from today, I picked up a D3000 a while ago and have been taking it with me on small little outings when a pro-body just isn’t needed. A hike was a good way to test the thing out.

On this hike we spent a little over an hour on the trails, stopping on more than a few occasions to take in the green foliage that is rather rare during this time of the year. Thankfully, this year might actually stay green largely due to the amount of rainfall that’s we’ve been getting. I really hope it becomes a regular thing this year, as I love the rain and we still need a lot more to get out of this drought that we’re in.

So yeah, that was essentially just a bunch of randomness that spewed from my thoughts and in to my fingers, which, in turn typed the oh-so-fun text you’re reading now. But, you will not be reading it much longer, as it’s time to get on to the visual elements of this post.

As always, enjoy ‘em!

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