The Pearl District, The Riverwalk & Dinner At La Gloria

On the weekend of Easter, Sarah and I met up with some family and friends for a little fun at La Gloria. (Hands down one of my favorite places to eat in San Antonio.) Sarah and I made it a little on the early side, so we decided to walk around the Pearl and a little section of the Riverwalk to kill time. I brought along my D3000 to do a little field testing and due to the fact that it’s much, much smaller than any of my pro-bodies. I acquired the camera a long time ago, but without a battery charger and kept forgetting to order one. Thankfully, I remembered and was able to start using it again.

The pictures are beyond random, but still neat enough to share.

Enjoy ’em,

Lucy, prior to us leaving the house.


Some random flowers on the Riverwalk.

Going over the menu at La Gloria.

They have an AWESOME selection of margaritas!

Sarah’s cousin, Jennifer.

Eh, when in Mexico, try a Mexican beer.

Sarah attempting a photo bomb.

You can’t just have one beer…

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