Another Trip To The Zoo

A few weeks ago Sarah and I decided to visit the Zoo as it had been a while since our last visit when we had been invited by the Ben E. Keith group. (It was an amazing experience because we were able to explore the Zoo after close and were with maybe 200 other people.) Unfortunately, since this trip wasn’t part of a special and private event the crowd was much larger and a lot more rowdy. I definitely don’t know what the reason is, nor do I think I’ll ever know, but people and society in general just seem to become excessively more rude, disrespectful and bothersome as time goes on. I lost count of how many people, both kids and adults, kept pushing their ways to the front of an exhibit and knocking in to me as I was trying to take a picture. (That’s something that I find to be very irritating, but forgivable so long as a simple apology is issued. Sadly, that was not the case a single time this visit.)

At one point we attempted to browse through the aquarium section of the Zoo, one of my favorite sections, but after being in there for less than a few minutes I had to walk out. I was getting very agitated and anxious and was going to have a panic attack or let my frustration get the better of me. (The catalyst was someone tripping an Airman and offering no help or apology. Completely disrespectful!) Thankfully, we were able to find a little peace and a much more respectable group of people in the butterfly exhibit. We browsed through the enclosure long enough for me to calm down and then headed back out once more to join the crowds.

Neither one of us wanted a repeat of the aquarium so we tried to keep to the places that were much less populated. This proved to be a difficult task as the day moved on, but one that made the trip as fun and enjoyable as any other trip we’ve made. We were able to spend a couple more hours exploring a few animal exhibits undisturbed, but packed up our gear around lunch time. At that point the crowds became pretty large and we thought it would be best if we set off towards the exit.

Obviously due to the crowds and uncomfortableness that I was experiencing, early on, I wasn’t able to get as many pictures as I would have liked. I did still manage to come away with some neat ones, at least neat enough to share on my blog anyway. Haha!

On a side note, Sarah and I are certainly not done visiting the Zoo and will go back within three months or so. We always have a lot of fun and I recommend that if anyone visiting San Antonio go visit.  However, I advise your visit be during the week when the population within the zoo isn’t as rambunctious or large as we met.

Now on to the few pictures and, as always, enjoy ’em!

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